One too many missed events.

That's it in a nutshell. We founded the Remedy Lab the day we hit our personal limit for missed or uncomfortable events. You know-- the weddings, conferences, travels and special events that present a unique challenge for gluten-reactive people. That teeny-tiny gluten particle is so sneaky. It can hitchhike
into your system on a forkful of just about anything that looks/tastes/is-promised-to-be gluten-free, and suddenly, the day's priorities are overwritten by the list of symptoms common to gluten reaction. 

We searched high and low for anything that would help us weather the storm of accidental gluten exposure-- a product, a recipe, a fabled mystical incantation-- but nothing really worked. So we banded together as a team to develop a solution. We have poured our collective knowledge of digestive health, science and good old-fashioned nurturing into this Urgent Response Supplement. The resulting formula has been delivering relief to our gluten-reactive friends, family and colleagues for over a year now.  Yes, including those with Celiac Disease.

The magic of our Urgent Response Supplement for Gluten Reaction? It soothes your symptoms so you can get back in the game. Fast-acting, easy to use, and packaged in easy-to-carry single servings. 


These are the bright, sparkling, gluten-reactive people that inspired our Urgent Response Supplement for Gluten Reaction.
There are 60 million people in the US that avoid gluten to feel better (Gallop 2015). If you are one of them, then your picture should be here too.